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Задать вопрос. Особый комментарий. Комментарии 0. Экспресс на ЧМ по хоккею. Матч жизни в Кошице и битва Швеции и Канады за очки перед последним игровым днем.

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Виктор Победный — "Вот только для команды Боба Хартли эта игра ничего не значит, она вообще последняя на турнире. Прогноз и ставка. Михаил Михаил — За фору минус 4. Арина Соболенко — Чжу Линь. Прогноз и ставка Владимира Чаплыгина. Швейцария — Россия. Максима Лебедева.

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Юрий Асташкин — 2 шайбочки от швейцарии должны россияне пропустить… с каждым матчем россия играет всё хуже и хуже. Ставка дня Швеция - Россия. Видео прогноз и ставка Александра Кожевникова 34 голоcа "За". Обзор Перейти на сайт. Подписка на прогнозиста. Runners within seconds of the winning time receive 20 points less - that is points.


Those earning times within seconds less than the age group winning time receive 30 points less, and so on. How are points scored to the participants of marathons beyond the six AbbottWMM races? In order to get points, an athlete has to finish faster than the "platinum time". In the future, the same system will be used for scoring, as well as for participants of majors with the same points degradation - 29 seconds. If the age group winning time is below the platinum time, then the points awarded to the winner and every subsequent age group runner are reduced by the time the age group winner has missed platinum time for the age and gender of the athlete.

Platinum times for each age group are as follows: Men — 2: Participants of the Absolute Moscow Marathon will be able to run the qualification race twice this year and next year. Online registration for Absolute Moscow Marathon will close 22 August. Online registration may be closed earlier if 1хбет скачать на андроид трешбокс entry limit is reached.

During registration enter your personal data according to ID card. Otherwise you will not be able to pick-up your participant packet and bib number. After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Additional registration will be open on 20 September For men from 60 years of age and women from 55 years of age, there are discounts Russian citizens only: Register your child for the race. There are separate starts for children of different ages. Children under 5 years, years, years run m.

Children years and years run m. If registered before 12 September — rubles. If registered September — rubles. Applications from the teams should be sent to the email relay runc. The application and payment must be made by 22 August. Payment must be made by bank transfer to the account of the organizer.

Paying organisation must be a resident of Russia. Online registration for Absolute Moscow Marathon wheelchair and handcycle race will close 22 August. During registration enter data according to ID card. Otherwise you will not be able to pick-up participant packet and bib number. The Absolute Moscow Marathon Expo features more than 80 exhibitors offering running footwear, apparel, nutrition and technology. Participants must visit the Expo to pick up their packets. The two-day Expo is free and open to the public.

The power of attorney does not entitle the authorized person to participate in the race with your number. The transfer of the number is prohibited by the rules of the competition. Medical certificate must proof that the participant has no contra-indication to running in competition. The certificate must be issued less than 6 months prior to the race. Certificates will not be returned to the participants. A copy is acceptable upon presentation of the original certificate.

Medical Certificate Form. The Absolute Moscow Marathon Expo features more than 80 exhibitors offering running footwear, apparel and nutrition.

The captain should pick up participant packets bib зеркало марафон бк for the whole team. The captain are required to show:. Medical certificate must proof that the participant has no contra-indication to race in competition.

Start area is located near the Central alley of Luzhniki Olympic complex. Start lines for distances of Please use metro. Please take into account road closures, possible delays and queues due to the number of participants.

Come to the start area early, do not ruin your chances for a good race by being late. Please note that you will need at least 60 minutes to get from the metro station to the entrance to a starting corrals. All visitors are subject to bag search by police. Prohibited items: For your convenience, male and female changing tents are available in the start area. Please do not leave your items unattended. Baggage storage is located in the start area. For bag drop-off please use wristband and sticker with number, which you received with your bib number.

Put the sticker on the bag and tie a wristband with the same number around your wrist. Please only use the clothing bag, which you received with your race number. Do not put any valuable or fragile items in your bag. We recommend you to keep your valuables, such as hotel card, mobile phone with you or with friends or family. The organisers are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. A letter of your start corral is indicated on race number. Look for the corresponding letter signs to get into your corral.

Runners are allowed only with the race number. Runners who are assigned to different corrals but wish to start together may do so by going to the slower corral.

Please follow the instructions of the race officials. The race will start 1хбет скачать на андроид трешбокс waves. Your net running time will start to be recorded when you cross the start line. Please follow directions from race officials and volunteers at all times for a safe and orderly start to the race. Please mind your fellow runners when you change lanes, spit, or approach a refreshment stand.

Please take care not to endanger others or yourself. In order to be able to hear your fellow runners of volunteers we ask you to run without music headphones.

No wheeled vehicles are allowed to accompany the runners along the course. Anyone who disregards this rule will be disqualifed and removed from the course. Pacemakers help others to achieve their performance goals.

They will be carrying flags indicating the finish times they are pacing for and can also be identified by their t-shirts. Pacemakers will pace groups of runners according to the following finish times: For the full marathon course, refreshment stations begin after 6 km. To be organized most efficiently, refreshment stations are set up along a straight stretch of road and not all stations are immediately adjacent to kilometer markers.

Each station will be clearly marked.